Recent article mentioning my music!

Yeah!  This was pretty cool when I stumbled upon this site quite accidentally last week.  I was very pleased by the small but yet HUGE gesture on their part to include me among other featured artists, many of whom I know.  I felt all warm and fuzzy inside and didn’t mind the 90+ degree humid weather outside, LOL!  

So here’s the link to what I’m talking about:

I checked out the entire site and found it very simple and kind to the artists they feature.  You can follow them on Twitter @Revival_Synth

Believe me: when your work is recognized and mention anywhere, even the smallest gesture means the world!  Such is life!  😀

So I would like to officially and publicly thank the person or persons who are involved in Revival Synth for including me in such wonderful fun talents.  Thank you!!  Means SO MUCH!