“Airwaves” Release Date

Yes, as promised I have arrived with an official release date and it’s coming SOON!

Tuesday, August 12th my latest album “Airwaves” hits well, the airwaves and webspace.  An 8 track album, a mixture of Minimal Electronic meets Ambient Electro, will be available for download via my Bandcamp page

The link here: http://shaunkelly.bandcamp.com/album/airwaves


Track list (in no particular order)

  • Radio Transmissions
  • Away With You
  • Grasshopper on a Wall
  • International Forecast
  • The Long Drive
  • When Neptune Rises
  • Inorganic Radio
  • Time

B-Sides will be and appear on remix single(s):

  • Dead Town
  • Spiraling

I will upload a short clip “teaser track” this weekend and share from my Soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/shaun-kelly-music


Thank you as always!




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