2014 News Update!

It has been a very long time since my last post (this may be the first one in 2014)  And so you may ask, “what the hell have you been up to Shaun???”  Well let me catch you up on a few things now….

First of all, I’ve been mildly active in the studio since last fall due to my new job.  But I did manage to get a few things done since then.

It was a great honor and pleasure to remix these tunes for my friends, and it has helped lure me back into my studio to dust off some material I started a year ago and complete them in anticipation of a new release soon.  Ahh, how soon you may ask?  Very soon, but let me continue the setup here….

August 12, 2014 is the unofficial release date set for an 8-track album titled “Airwaves“.  This is the original concept I had started last year but 3 of the original 9 will not appear on this.  I’m taking 2 of the remaining tracks with me into a new album/project, which I will divulge at a later date as this project develops and manifests itself into something more concrete.  “Airwaves” is a collection of Minimal Electronic-meets-Ambient Electro.  This album was inspired by such listening pleasures over the years as: John Foxx, The Future, The Human League, Gary Numan, as well as the earliest sounds coming from OMD in their first four albums, and earliest blips and bleeps from our godfathers from Kraftwerk.

Also on the close horizon: an updated remix EP for “Burning Wine“, a tune from my 2011 debut album Manufacture with a few new added tracks and remixes.  I’m doing so because I feel as it was a fun little remix project to do with a friend or two, it wasn’t up to par with what I had conceived and I simply want to do it justice, hence the saying “if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time”. Release date TBA.

As mentioned a moment ago, I have 2 songs previously slated to appear on Airwaves that I feel take me in a different direction, one that is likely to be more mainstream Indie Synthpop, which is my last teaser here for now as it fits nicely in the direction I’d like to take, and this direction I hint at: may or may not include a very special friend I’ve known for just about 25 years.  We’ve waited long enough to collaborate and the time is probably ripe for the picking given the current technologies at our fingertips.  I’m naturally excited about working with him and his talent is above and beyond what I could ever ask for in a music mate.  As of this date, we’ve not formatted and solidified our concept(s) but soon I/we will have a news update and big announcement.

Boy!  What a teaser that is huh?

Stay tuned for updates as I promise to be more active here as well as my social media and download pages.  And thanks as always for the fan support.

One final note:  recently I’ve found a community of friends who are fellow musicians (Indie/unsigned artists as well as accomplished artists, and DJ’s) who have seriously inspired me to get my ass back into my studio and compose, produce new material and as I said earlier, dust off my work from 2013 and complete it.  I value and treasure these new connections, friendships and admire each and every one of them as I take the time to discover their sounds and great talent.  It’s a pure pleasure to know them.

I speak of the fine artists and friends in Sheppey, England’s Bluetown Electronica, heard every Sunday on Sheppey FM http://tunein.com/radio/Sheppey-FM-s158232/ with special mention to Paul Randall and now also Dean Clarke.  Also equally inspiring with talented friends is the music found on Synthopia with Andrew Skerat Kennedy, heard every Saturday on http://mixlr.com/andrew-skerat-kennedy/

Big “thanks” to all who have followed me and my musical journey over the years, and thank you to my new friends and fans who stop my my page(s) and check out what I do.

Talk to you again soon,



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